About Us

Technical Excellence, Energy Efficiency & 100% Satisfied Customers

Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning Systems

30 years of dedication to technical excellence in design and installation while providing responsive, reliable maintenance and service. Arkins Air Conditioning & Refrigeration's commitment to safety, our "we make it happen" attitude and personal service is why we have so many satisfied customers.

Arkins Air Conditioning & Refrigeration will ensure that your system represents the best possible value for money from design and installation right through to maintenance, service and day-to-day running costs. Environmental sustainability is achieved by creating the most efficient system in all of these aspects.

Arkins Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can Design, Install, Maintain & Service

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Systems
  • Residential Air Conditioning Systems
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Web Based (BMS) Building Management Systems

We also Provide

  • Electrical Contracting Service
  • Portable & Rental Air Conditioning Units
  • Portable & Rental Chillers
  • Risk Analysis & Building Audits
  • Energy Efficiency Audits to Minimise your Carbon Footprint